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Welcome to RegLogic®, a New Way of Thinking About Safety and Compliance!

Forged as a one-stop resource to access safety, compliance and regulatory materials, RegLogic invites feedback, edits and contributions from esteemed members of our safety community interested in building upon our world class products.

We have opened this website for some pilot testing, inviting a select group of luminaries such as yourself to try things out and give us your feedback. This is an exciting and important milestone for us: after many months of planning and design, we believe RegLogic has now reached the point where it will be useful for customers.

Perfection is an ever-changing horizon, however, and we recognize that there is still work to be done to make this service everything our customers need and want. This is where YOU come in: we need assistance from real people involved in real safety and compliance initiatives, people who can help test, review and provide feedback, giving us added direction to perfect products and services that work for you.

We'll be reaching out to you over the coming months to solicit your feedback.

Thank you for your time, patience and inquisitiveness as we evolve the RegLogic safety and compliance environment.

The RegLogic Team


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